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Hotels in Altensteig, Nagold, Neubulach and Wildberg can be recommended. All places are very close to Wart and can be reached by bus or call bus during the day.

Possible accommodation in Altensteig (Altensteig - Wart: 7 km).

1. hotel Rössle

2. hotel-inn "Zur Traube"

Possible accommodation in Nagold (Nagold - Wart: 12 km)

1. Ibis Styles Hotel Nagold-Schwarzwald
double room 115€, single room 110€, suite 145€ each with breakfast, with code "YOGACENTER",
booking via e-mail:

2. country hotel Pfrondorfer Mühle

3. hotel and inn Eisenbahn

Possible accommodation in Neubulach (Neubulach - Wart: 6,5 km)

1. country inn Löwen

2. black forest sports center Neubulach

Possible accommodation in Wildberg (Wildberg - Wart: 10 km)

1. country inn hotel Löwen

2. hotel restaurant Talblick

In the host directory Nagoldtal you will find more hotels, guesthouses and vacation apartments:

Online bookings are possible on the following website:

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